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This very first release batch of the Ammo Hub A1 is being sold precisely as shown in the first two images.  The plastic hardware is all in tan and there is no blanking plate of loop velcro included for the rear face to cover the hook.  This is why this initial batch is sold at a slight discount over what will be the regular price going forward.  This is also done as a small note of appreciation for  the early adopters amongst you.

*No inserts, magazines or other gear is included in this purchase.  Images depicting additional equipment are purely for the purposes of demonstrating examples*

The Ammo Hub A1 is designed to be the ideal foundation upon which to build out a kit that will suit exactly what you need, with absolutely nothing you don’t. It is compatible with a huge volume and variety of industry standard attachments, harnesses, pouches and accessories and can be customised into almost any imaginable PC placard or chest rig configuration.

Measuring 8.75″ wide x 5.5″ tall x 1.5″ deep, using top end fabrics to keep bulk to an absolute minimum and weighing in at just 3.63oz/103g (without plastic hardware or inserts). This sizing allows for fitment of up to five submachine gun/PCC magazines, three 556/545 magazines, three 762×39 AK magazines or two 762 NATO magazines.

Made in the US by FirstSpear using all American raw materials that meet or exceed military specifications. Through smart use of laser cutting the entire Hub is sewn from one single, continuous piece of FS 6/12 cordura laminate with only the necessary extra Velcro components being attached by extremely strong stitching.

Features the following:

  • Full velcro loop lining for interfacing with a huge range of inserts that feature velcro hook on both sides. These are available from companies such as Spiritus, ESSTAC, VXV Concepts and Haley Strategic so pick your favourite.
  • Large area of Velcro hook on the rear for secure attachment to any PC with loop on the abdomen area, or on to chest rig expanders like the Spiritus Thing 2 and Ferro Chesty Rig.
  • Top attachment with either 1″ male buckles or G-Hooks (both included in purchase) and fully adjustable hang height to interface with just about every modern chest rig harness and plate carrier connection system out there.
  • Optional side attachment with either two 4″ male tubes or four 1″ female split bar buckles (all included in purchase) to connect to chest rig straps or PC cummerbunds that use either option.
  • Tuckable side attachment loops for the option of a totally slick side profile with zero snag hazards. Ideal for PC placard usage.
  • Removable bottom 4″ male tube (included in purchase) to directly hang compatible gear like the SHAW RAID Pouch V2 and Arbor Arms Abdominal Panel.
  • PALS/MOLLE fields on the front, sides and base for mounting of any standard pouches as well as FirstSpear 6/12 pockets. Laser cut PALS slots also allow for lashing of equipment via bungee/550 cord and extra mag retention with a shingle style setup over the top.
  • 4″ x 8.5″ loop field on front face for patches or anything else that attaches to loop velcro, such as the Triple Feed DSM Flap.
  • Design has the native ability to be double stacked on top of itself using the integrated top buckle attachment straps, or attached side by side to create a split front chest rig if desired (1 x Female 4″ Split-Bar Tube required but not included). Or it can even do both if you really want.
  • Additional slots in the base facilitate using simple strips of Velcro OneWrap to secure the bottom corners of the hub to velcro interfaces used for retaining plates on some PCs or on the back faces of some chest rigs. Any peeling concerns can be entirely eliminated.

This web store is hosted in the UK, however the Ammo Hub is made and warehoused in, and dispatched from, the US by FirstSpear in Missouri.

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