This site was created in 2015 and exists for a number of reasons, but primarily as a free resource of information for anyone with some interest in military uniforms and equipment, be they collector, sports player or gamer, military, police or indeed anything else.

Personally I initially took an interest in such things when I got my first BB gun around 2003, then took up airsoft in 2006 before beginning my career as an RAF Armourer in 2007.  I had been intrigued by the idea of uploading clips from computer games to YouTube even before I joined up, then I realised there was a lack of good informational videos about airsoft and kit so I had a go at uploading some of those.  Originally I started a Facebook page just as a way to spread the word about the YouTube videos, but after a while I realised I mostly preferred writing about kit to trying to talk about it to a camera, not to mention that making the videos in my living situation is just awkward and the results are sub-optimal.

Given that social media is poor at both formatting articles and being an archive for information the next logical step was to make a website; and here you are reading it.