Support The Site

None of my posts, videos, images, reviews or any other such content has ever been behind a paywall and I have no intentions for that to change. However the price of hosting a proper website such as this one and maintaining its’ domain name is quite high and is a consistently recurring bill that must continuously be paid in order for the site to remain up so that everyone can access all the resources here for free at any time.

Since Patreon has seen some high profile cases of kicking people off its’ platform for posting firearms content (or anything related) and expressing certain political viewpoints, I’ve opted to use SubscribeStar given the success that TFB TV has had being over there – in so far as that platform being less politically biased.

Going down this route rather than having advertisers keeps the clean look of the site as well as my neutrality in terms of which brands this site it seen to be promoting and endorsing.  Ads are designed by people with a lot of knowledge in how to convince you to buy things, what they are not is impartial and they are hardly going to mention the downsides to any given product.

It wouldn’t take many people at the $1 level to cover the costs of the site each year, but in attempt to do something at least a little uncommon I’ve added a $0.50/month tier in there as well.  Hopefully this means that anyone who wants to support what I’m doing here, irrespective of financial situation, can contribute if they would like to.  But if contributing every month isn’t viable please feel free to just sign up for as long as you like then simply cancel your subscription. If you’re interested, please click the link below:

Tiers above $1 are available purely in case anyone should have the desire to support at those levels and they will certainly help a great deal towards the goal, but I already put out as much content as I’m physically able to so unfortunately unlike the folks on YouTube who do social media full time I’m not able to offer further perks like private discord/groups/e-mail and merch etc.  If I come up with any ideas however those will be added in future and I am open to suggestions in that regard.