One for the Sportsmen


The Velocity Systems BOSS Rugby is very much the tactical haute couture right now and if Haley Strategic Partners thinks they’re good on the range, that’s usually a good enough endorsement for me. I’d been following the concept for a while and these shirts have been on the market for a fair length of time already, so I figured I’d give one a try.

Now as usual my caveat is that this is an initial out-the-box overview, I’ve not fielded this shirt – I just talk about items as I get them because if I didn’t they’d get lost in the gear lockers and I’d forget what I’ve posted about and what I haven’t (first world kit slut problems). That out the way, I certainly like the original concept. They’ve taken the idea of the combat shirt and almost come a full circle back to a T-shirt, but retaining that all-important velcro with long sleeves for some slight protection from the environment (and crucially, the sun). I’m fairly certain there are no FR properties so don’t wear one to a war zone, but what this fabric should give you is lots of wicking capability for hot days practising on the range or running about on the BBattlefield.


The loop is a bit different to the type you’d usually find on a uniform shirt and I’ll be interested to see how it stands up to taking patches on and off lots of times. My one concern at the moment is that the collar is very short and I’ve specifically purchased combat shirts in the past with a good, substantial collar on them in order to avoid neck rub when using a 1-point. We shall see how this pans out during use.

Paradigm Rifleworks


I literally can’t remember how long it’s been at this point, but thanks to some seriously talented folks, the LM4 is finally nearing proper completion. There’s lots of little things getting done under the hood, but if I’m honest the bit I’m looking forward to the most is finally having the BAD lever on there and functional.

When I was in the states I saw a couple of guys running them on their ARs and though it was originally marketed as being primarily an assistance for clearing stoppages, I saw some pretty clear evidence of the time these things shave off when it comes to emergency/speed reloads. Not to mention it’s just plain easier to hit the end of the lever inside the trigger guard than the normal bolt release button on the left side of the gun.

Pro Airsoft Supplies


Took a drive over to Pro Airsoft Supplies on Saturday with my brother to combine picking up a couple of things I’d ordered with taking a look around the shop. I’d not actually been in to a bricks-n-mortar store in the UK since I picked up my AEG back in the summer of 06 (pre-VCRA) so it made a nice change to look at some guns in the flesh vs pixels on a screen. I should’ve gotten around to visiting a lot sooner really seeing as the drive is only half an hour, but hey, better late than never.

They’ve clearly put a lot of effort in to the decor and layout, despite not being the biggest retail space in the world it really feels spacious inside. Nice and bright with high ceilings, a lot less oppressive than some other cramped, stuffy, windowless gun/airsoft shops I’ve been to before. Lots of wood and high-end looking mountings for the stock, very neatly laid out and organised; overall a very professional looking outfit.

More importantly than the space of course is the staff and I don’t know how much of their time I wasted that day, but I was stood about chatting tacticool stuff and handling guns for at least pushing towards 2 hours and could’ve *easily* carried on talking with all the guys there for a lot longer. These are not the sort of people who’ve just been hired through a web ad because they can answer a phone, write e-mails and punch numbers in to a database, they’re quite clearly all doing the job because it was an extension of their hobby and interests. Outdoors people who like all sorts of stuff on top of guns, gear and all that good shit. As an example, I made probably the most niche joke of my life about putting getting a form 1 and putting a stock on a short barreled airsoft gun and actually got a laugh. There is a distinctly short list of places in the UK you’ll find people who’re that invested in to the entire gun/gear/airsoft/military/outdoor culture.

Of course I took photos all the way around, so those will go up shortly in a separate post.