2017 Plate Carrier in RG

Just recently replaced my PC in ranger green, this one’s up for sale now so one last photo shoot.

Back around the middle of 2017 when I put this together I was absolutely chuffed with it frankly and it’s still superb, but the C2R Chameleon/SHAW combo I’ve replaced it with is just that bit more modular plus of course the unique colour swap ability.

Parts list on this one:
-Custom front plate bag and shoulder straps
-FirstSpear AAC rear bag, shoulder pads and retro-fit cummerbund
-Flimmuur custom zip on rear hydro panel
-Custom PALS placard was purchased at the same time with 3 x TACOs mounted to fit, 556, AK and 308 style mags.

All meshes together just perfectly despite the many brands involved, largely thanks to @deadcoyotetacticalnylon back when he was active and making nice kit.
He did the front plate bag to my design/feature list, specifically including placard compatibility, internal admin pocket, routing points and internal spacer mesh.

Originally of course the cummerbund had some more pouches but they’re not being sold with this. You can just about see that the right TACO is so old it’s got the black kydex edge piece, rather than the injection moulded tan one that HSGI has been using for many many years now.

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