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Upgrade from Windows Movie Maker

Microsoft’s insistence in recent years in terms of¬†packaging windows with a movie editor that’s so awful I’d class it as 99% useless has definitely been a thorn in my side. I had been using a very old version of WMM that I managed to download from somewhere, but of course I forgot to copy it when I moved over to my new desktop and laptop. Hopefully this new software with more capabilities will allow me to get more videos out there and make them look a bit better (once I get to grips with things).

I have some footage here I recorded nearly a year ago now that’s just been waiting to get edited. It’s not quite up to the standards I’d like in an ideal world, but it highlights some good gear and I feel it’s better to upload a video that’s not perfect than not upload anything at all. ¬†Hopefully you good folk will agree.

Obviously while I’m over in Vegas I’ll be recording as much as I can and a lot of nights will be spent in my hotel room, cutting footage and getting up uploaded for everyone to watch. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be able to get in terms of content form the various manufacturers booths during SHOT, but I’ll have my DSLR and my video camera along for the ride and I’ll get as much content out there regarding cool and interesting guns/gear/airsoft stuff as I can, as quickly as I physically am able to.

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