How much does that elevator weigh?

Entirely out of the blue my awesome little brother presented me a trifecta of MGS themed patches over the weekend, so of course I had to feature them for the weekly segment here.  They’re not from a tactical patch company they came from the gaming/movie fiction enthusiast side of the patch world so this one didn’t have hook on the back, but that was remedied quickly with some velcro product I have in my toolkit which makes use of an extremely strong adhesive.  Given that I have just about every patch I would ever want (of the existing crop) from MSM, Maxpedition, VLMS, Mojo Tac, Tac Outfitters etc by this point, I’ll probably be looking more in to the realm of non-tactical patches in future; they may not often come with hook but the variety of cool designs available is staggering and covers a truly mind-boggling range of subjects.

Now, I’ve no idea if the actual details of the ‘device’ known as the Stealth Camo that’s present in most MGS games has ever been fully explained anywhere.  I know I’ve played most of the titles and not heard anything about why exactly it appears to have a bloody big needle on the side for example.  But I used this widget in the first MGS way back in the 90s some time and through playing all the titles that have been released in the last 2 decades or so (minus Peace Walker) I’ve grown somewhat attached to it, as abstract as that might sound.  ‘Stealth’ was probably the biggest game changer in the original Metal Gear Solid, because it was the most OP in that game to my mind and when you went for your second playthrough of said title and had access to the power of invisibility, it was a pretty crazy feeling indeed.  Also being fairly young and being exposed to one of the first properly grown up games of my life that dealt with violence, loss, fear, betrayal and international conspiracy on a truly fantastical level; everything about it was just really rather epic and extremely memorable.

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