Never Go Full Tactical

MilSpecMonkey kindly sent over one of their Boss Beaver packs for me to try out and report on. Since it already features a fair bit of PALS with some loops fields I decided to go full tactical and opt for the MC rather than any of the lower profile options.  Given that folks can’t tell MTP and Multicam apart I figured it’d do well for an everyday work pack.

I’ve already been using it daily for the past month in place of the smaller and much more basic standard issue garrison/non-tactical bag and it’s been through a few days on ranges as well.

Certainly no qualms at all with the construction quality and it’s done a great job so far when it comes to keeping rain out.  I’ve found it to be highly adaptable and very well featured in terms of organising those small items you need to stash somewhere without losing track of.  I plan to use this pack regularly for quite some time before doing a full video review on it.

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