Parkas Turned Combat Trousers

Although there’s a lot of replica Desert Night Camouflage fabric appearing these days (which is a good thing) I do like the fact these combats are made from original 80s material.

The cut on these is a special G3-blend of mine that I’m tempted to call the Full9 Edition G3, except that sort of implies it would have more features, whereas my preference is to remove things and lighten the garment and streamline it to generally make it more comfortable to wear and run around in. This is most visible in the image of the rear face where you can see how the lower leg areas have been stripped right back, the waist adjustment has also been omitted.

Hard as it may be to believe in pictures the stretch panels are actually green in real life I promise, they’re not brown even the slightest bit to the eye so I’m not sure how the camera took them that way but sometimes RG-coloured stuff has a habit of doing that.


  1. Andrew Holmes

    Love this mod! Any chance you can send me a pattern so I can give it a go?

    • Comment by post author


      I’m just a buyer not a sew’er I’m afraid, you’d struggle to find a pattern for crye trousers tbh. Disassembling some chinese clones is probably the cheapest way to get one that I can think of.

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