Keep A Cool Head

This one’s a little off the beaten path. MilSpecMonkey make a few hats which are extremely well designed and their CG Hat Mesh is one that stays in my skirmish bag all of the time, it’s not leet-0perator DELTASEAL looking, it’s kinda mall ninja looking truth be told, but it’s comfortable and functional with the fabrics used and that’s all gravy with me. The CGHat RAW variant comes in a few colours and most are just your standard tactical ballcap, but Flexfit Headwear base with a few added touches. The multicam option is a bit of a different beast however, the price is a fair bit higher but you’re getting an actual softshell material in a baseball cap design and not a lot of folks make those. The only other one I’ve seen is from Outdoor Research and that’s a strong indicator of a good idea.

MSM store link:…/head-gear/51-msm-cg-hat-raw.html…

For those unfamiliar with the properties of good softshell fabric:

-Some reasonable water resistance
-Blocks wind completely
-Dries way faster than almost any natural-fibre based fabric, whether the water comes from rain outside or your own sweat inside
-Inherent stretch
-Incredibly high abrasion resistance
-Colour almost never fades

For a situation where you’re not needing specific head protection but the weather’s looking down, this cap is bloody good. Unlike the hood of a jacket you don’t lose peripheral vision and hearing, and the cap peak does a better job keeping rain out of your eyes. I pair this with a neck gaiter from Fortyone Tactical in a similar material to ‘close the gap’ and it works far better than putting up a hood in a lot of crucial ways.

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