Delivery From Ukraine

Just a preview of some of the recent arrivals from my man Roman that have been a long time coming.

I’ve wanted Mirage since ITS Tactical started doing YouTube videos years ago, so I thought I’d put this up now rather than sitting in my usual 2-3 year gear content queue.

I don’t even like Brookwood transitional frankly, on paper the palette makes no sense at all and 99% of people don’t know what it is.  But then again that sort of thing usually means that hardly anyone else will have it and its’ history is very interesting in my mind.


  1. Been looking everywhere for a CADPAT set in generally Crye Cut and it appears that only Shadow Strategic has them, emailed their 4 different addresses but no reply as if they have closed down.
    Then I went to Roman but he did mentioned in a 2019 post that getting authentic CADPAT fabric is no longer possible. Asked him if the situation had changed but he said it’s still the same and so CADPAT unavailable 🙁

    • M

      Arktis made the closest thing to CADPAT Cryes, until the Canadian government sent them a cease and desist for some reason. A damn shame too cause other alternatives on the market just aren’t as good.

      • Zining Wang

        Yeah it’s just strange that CAF didn’t cared about airsoft brands making CADPAT repros, how were the ones printed by Arktis’ any different to them?
        I then asked Iron Sights & Tacti-Code if they could sell some of the fabrics used on their 50/50 NYCO CADPAT shirts made in Pakistan, but they didn’t bothered to reply as well. It’s driving me crazy that even the non-authentic version of CADPAT is unobtanium now.

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