Gen 5

The Firearm Blog throws down the low down on the Generation 5 Glock:

-Ambi slide lock
-Flared and beveled at the base of the frame
-Finger grooves removed
-Bevels at the front of the slide
-More accurate barrel
-More resilient finish on the slide
-2 pin frame design

At the rate the ‘finish’ is wearing off the slides of Gen 4 guns we’re issuing, we’re going to have to either send a lot back to GLOCK in Austria or adopt an L131A2 GSP.

That aside I’m liking all these changes. I specifically hate finger grooves on any firearm, be it pistol or otherwise. It’s certainly interesting to see the way they’ve gone back to certain elements from the Gen 2 after all these years doing some weird things in the 3 and 4. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get a look inside one of these to see the difference in the way it’s all held together vs the Gen 4 guns I’ve carried, fired and worked on.

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