9 Signs They’re Clickbaiting You

Things that should ring alarm bells with regards the knowledge of the author when you read/watch any sort of ‘review’ about kit:

-“This.. er… material..(?)” (They don’t know what it is, even though it’s probably just cordura)

-Continuously saying material over and over with regards various different types of substances (is it 500D cordura? 1000D? Webbing? Edging tape? Hypalon? Hypalon laminated to something else?…etc)

-“Polymer” (it’s just plastic, they’re straight bullshitting you and hoping your ignorance will make up for their lack of knowledge)

-“Metal” (alu? steel? what type? cast or stamped? anodised or cerakote? might not have all the exact answers all the time and sometimes the detail isn’t needed, but then again often it is)

-“Really well stitched” (no mention of stitches per inch, no discussion of reinforcement via bar-tack or flag stitch placements or anything of the like, says nothing to qualify the statement)

-“Super rugged construction” (again, without qualification, doesn’t know what the fabrics constituting the item actually are or whether it’s sewn to a good standard, has no experience using other gear of similar construction, has literally just opened the packet of said item)

-“Waterproof” (really fuckin good chance it’s actually not, probably a review of a softshell)

-“MOLLE” (means PALS, has no idea there’s even a difference but claims to know stuff about tactical kit)

-Shit ton of superlatives, no negatives (doesn’t have any actual technical information to give you, got the thing free and wants more from the same company)

I could go on, but those are some classics. I generate a lot of spite from people for pointing these things out, but I’m only here to try and disseminate useful info and if it gets someone’s back up then so be it I’ll carry on regardless. I’m still not an oper8r, I don’t think I’m above reproach and if you dug back through previous posts and videos I’d bet I’ve done some or most of this, but hopefully I’ve learnt from it and I won’t ever steer any of you wrong in future. ‘First do no harm’ is a strong strategy in all sorts of walks of life.

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