Nyet, Canvas is Fine

Been waiting to post this kit for a fair old while, so lend me your attention a moment comrades.

Part 1 of my personal Giena Tactics combat cut set. This is the Type 2 combat shirt in what GT refers to as Partizan or SS Summer. They currently offer 3 different styles of combat shirt, but for me this type represents the best design overall.

There’s a sport shirt style synthetic torso fabric which makes these ideal for any situation where one desires camouflage but isn’t expecting to be blown up or fired at with HE weaponry. It’s a poly/cotton blend (mixture varies by pattern) which wouldn’t normally be my choice, but in these patterns you don’t have the same fabric selection as you might in something like Multicam.
There’s a double layer of fabric on the elbows, velcro cuffs, plenty of loop on the upper arm pockets which themselves are easy to access and I like the fact the py/co continues around the zip for added strength in that area. Also a fan of the way they torso fabric actually lines the inside of the collar, which is certainly not a common feature.

Sizing is going to be very different to what most western folks are used to, so you need to take your time with getting that right if you order from these guys, but overall the stitching is neat, with reinforcements where appropriate, flatlock on the torso and a more than reasonable per inch count. For 60 USD I think the value is honestly very good indeed. You can easily spend similar amounts on some of the worst junk from China if you don’t have the knowledge to find the right stuff.

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