All the Pews

After my devastating equipment failure on my first visit to Battlefield Vegas, I resolved to go back a week later (2 days before finally leaving Vegas) and shoot just as many guns again, but make damn sure I got the footage this time.

I didn’t want to pay to fire all of the same things again so I’ll possibly have to shoot some things like the Uzi, Stg44 and M1928 again next year if I go again, but I did really want to get the Garand on video and it was the best option there in terms of $/Time ratio, so I doubled up on the 30.06.  The AKM was obviously rather ‘bland’ as it were and unoriginal in terms of choices, but having never fired any AK variant before I really wanted to get a little trigger time on the rifle, and more specifically cartridge, that’s been used against British and allied forces by far the most in recent conflicts (and indeed a large portion of conflicts since WW2).  Of the lot though the M3A1 ‘Grease gun’ has to stand out as my favourite.  SMGs are always the most balls-out fun weapons to shoot to my mind because they’re easy and just look and feel cool.  I also really like guns with a low rate of fire in fully-automatic mode, it just seems more satisfying, visceral and meaty than weapons like the Minimi or MAC-10/Ingram.  Of course I’d hate to go to war with an SMG and at the opposite end of the scale I really love the full power cartridge firing semi-only rifles and bolt actions; though I’m yet to actually fire one of the latter, I simply enjoy the visceral sound and feeling of running the bolt and the inherent accuracy that comes with knowing you really have to make the shot because you don’t have the facility to immediately squeeze of another one as soon as you’ve fired.


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