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Fortuitous news since just the other day I was saying I don’t like A-Tacs Camo ‘LE’ and other mostly-black patterns. ATACS will be offering a grey-dominant variation on the new iX line known as Ghost. Personally, I’m really liking the aesthetic.

Just need Multicam to drop a dark grey urban option now instead of MC Black. Then once PenCott Metropolis drops and (if) Kryptek release Raid fabric I can get the gear together to post Commercial Camo Showdown part 4.

Soldier Systems Daily broke the news on a new ATACS specific website bringing alllllll sorts of ATACS patterened products under one roof. Featuring the likes of ur-tactical.comTRU-SPEC and Velocity Systems/Mayflower R&C – all brands that I own, use and would recommend. So if you are a fan of the family I’d say have a look at

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