Attend ALL The Expos

When SHOT just isn’t enough tactical expo per year…

I’ve no idea on the photography/videography rules at this one, but if things work out it could well be a pretty rich gold mine for content.

Now, for those unfamiliar, SHOT show is aimed at shops, small mil/LE units and individuals. DSEI is aimed at huge contracting companies and nation states. At SHOT a business buys a few crates of rifles or an ISO full of tac gear and NVGs. At DSEI the governments of the world look at equipping entire armies with armoured vehicles, AT weapons and fleets of UAVs etc.

You can read more and get a bit of a flavour for it on the website:


I’d always known the current serving military could attend the event in London but up to now I’d presumed it was limited to higher ranks and people in the acquisition sectors.

As it stands I’ll be going on works’ time and dime, which means I may only get one day to walk around. It’s a 4 day event however just like SHOt so I’m going to do my best to get at least 2 days in to walk the floor, capture media and glean what information I can from companies producing interesting products.


  1. John Hogen

    Will you be covering the major home brands, like Aegis Engineering and Morgan Defence Systems (the company that acquired NP Aerospace)?

    I’d love to see what they have new for home and export!

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      At this point I’ve unfortunately got no idea how long I’ll be at the show or what I’ll be able to get around to see, since I’m going on works’ time.

      • John Hogen

        That’s a shame. Hopefully you’d be able to take pictures.

        NP Aerospace (Now Morgan)’s AC900/CTT helmets are pretty great, and Aegis Engineering (Now acquired by Safariland) vests are some of the best you could find in the UK. Maybe the’ll have something new because recently, they’ve been modernising their lineup from leaked photos, but the only way to understand the full process/idea is to talk to them…

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          Modern helmets and armour are always on my radar, so I’ll see what I can find. I’ll spend most of my time in the small arms/dismounted gear areas for sure.

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