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Back with OSS

If you know anything much about conventional baffle-stack suppressors, what they can do for you and the ways in which they can negatively affect a weapon that’s not been specifically setup and tuned to make use of them; well then you need to go do a little reading up on the products from OSS because their stuff is pretty darn magical.

They were posted up at Battlefield Vegas all week but were insanely busy on the Monday (since the main show wasn’t yet open), so I took a little stroll back over there Friday morning to get a little more trigger time with them and go in to a lot more detail discussing their technology with one of their lead testing personnel.

In the following video we’ve got a pair of BCM M4s, a Desert Tech 338 and a PDW build from Nemo Arms.  We fired the BCM both standard and with the OSS for comparison and you should be able to hear the difference pretty clearly.  The 338 gun was especially interesting in terms of sound because a Magnum round like that being as quiet as it was on an indoor range is probably one of the best demonstrators there is for how effectively the geometry inside the OSS deflects and redirects the gases leaving the muzzle of the rifle.  Granted the can used was huge and pretty heavy, but when you bear in mind the size of the brass case (and how much powder it can hold) on 338 Lapua Magnum, it still did a superb job.

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