Battlefield to BB Field

Not concerned about flash flame/explosive hazards?
Want the high performance wicking of a sports shirt?
Also want camouflage, maybe some upper arm velcro?

You need to start looking at hunting gear.¬†Kryptek Outdoor Group¬†made these Valhalla hunting shirts long before they released their own tactical line that have the conventional poly/cotton sleeves. The sleeves and shoulders are a very slightly different fabric to the torso, but not by much, it’s basically a synthetic sportsman’s jersey throughout. Very, very light and fast to dry.

Sitka and various other hunting brands also offer their own long sleeved, all synthetic shirts in camouflage patterns, but the Valhalla’s the only one I know of out there with the arm velcro, collar and 1/4 zip like a combat shirt. Now, I bought this shirt over 2.5 years ago and if I were to get another one I’d go for a more unusual pattern and take it to a dry cleaners to just have some loop patches sewn on, but I think it remains a good choice.

For any of you not worried about IED or mine threats who can live with something of a decreased abrasion resistance, I strongly advise giving these sorts of garments a look vs the conventional cotton blend military uniforms.

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