BCM Make Gear Too

I do enjoy the gear ID game. A lot of you will have seen the AK reload video Haley Strategic Partners uploaded today and Travis was wearing a pretty nice looking RG combat shirt I didn’t recognise. I guessed it might be some rare Crye item, custom run for the CIA or some other US federal LE branch like that because he’s been seen in AOR2 Crye combats and the like before (presumably gifted by friends, colleagues and students). Some of the details were off however for a CP shirt, but I couldn’t see him running 5.11 or Propper so I was left guessing and the video Garand Thumb uploaded yesterday had that particular topic on my mind.

Anyway, luckily when Mr Haley turned side on to the camera there was a nice big Bravo Company USA logo embroidered on to the right arm pocket, which enabled me to track down this little badger:…/bcm-ct-shirt-grn.htm

Now this info will be of almost zero use to us here in Europe, but being a 50/50 NYCO on the yoke and sleeves with a nice blend of materials in the torso and a very decent cut (apart from the excess of NYCO on the back) I’d recommend anyone in the US take a look at this shirt and take it in to consideration. $60 is a damn good price for a combat shirt in these materials and though Tru-Spec has a competing offering it’s not as well designed in some areas in my opinion and might cost you more. There are even brands that charge higher prices for shirts in poly/cotton, which makes the BCM an even stronger option.


  1. ZakAttak

    I want to know the type of pants he is sporting in your picture there. I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

    • Anonymous

      They’re definitely some custom sew jobs, based on standard BDU trousers.

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