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Not had the chance to take any leave at all for a couple of months, but I’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to get outside to a game in some warm weather and combine said game with a visit to a good guy I know that fixes my RIFs when they’re not working quite the way I’d like. I’m rather obsessed with ‘efficiency’ in that way, a bit like the way I’ll carry far too many heavy, awkward bags of stuff from the room to my car in one go because 2 trips is entirely out of the question.

Ambush Adventures ‘The Billet’ is a small site as they go so only recommended if you’re happy with getting some properly weird looking deep purple bruises. We were hitting at least 30C (that’s around 86 Freedoms) if not a bit more, which was exactly what I was looking for. I drank nearly 3 litres between 10 o/clock and 4 yet never needed to piss; really amazes me the people who continue to turn up to airsoft games and bring nothing to drink or eat.

There were 2 pieces of kit I was looking to get some time on (prior to review) during the day and the bright sunshine, warmer temperatures and occasional breeze were ideal for finding out how the fabrics responded to being soaked in sweat then drying out. Specifically the FirstSpear Asset shirt and the PLATATAC VM Chest rig were in my spotlight for trial running.

Here’s the full break down:

RE Factor Tactical cap, 3M Peltor Communication Solutions Comtac 2s and my usual ESS/Mask combo when in game.

-FS Asset FR combat shirt, P-TAC VM Chest rig, SKD Tactical PIG FDT Alphas (Gen 1 touch model), basic Casio solar watch.

J-Tac Custom inner loop belt, FS Slimline AGB sleeve, Blue Force Gear, Inc. TenSpeed pistol pouch, P-TAC BB Shingle for the Concept TacticalTRMR, Warrior Assault Systems Roll-up dump pouch, G-Code Holsters RTi belt mount with an old BLACKHAWK! SERPA that’s had an RTi hanger attached.

-Aus issue Hard Yakka AMCU combat lowers with CP Gen 2/AC combat knee pads, Salomon XA Pro 3D Mids, Darn Tough Vermont Socks and Under Armour Shorts for the base layer which were probably one of the most important parts of the kit in this weather.

Tokyo Marui 1911 modified by ESC with a HurricanE Kimber external kit and some other little changes alongside some VZ Grips, the King of G-10 grips.. Really heavy beast of a slide with little gas capacity in the mags, but always runs smoothly and perfectly suited to the heat with standard propane.

-TM SOCOM NGRS Carbine, Laylax 10.5″ barrel, PTS Griffin Armament comp and ASAP plate, B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo stock and KeyMod polymer handguards, Magpul Industries Corp. MOE light kit rail,VegaForceCompany rear BUIS. Heavily modified FS 2-point sling with BFG Uber loops. Fed with old PTS recoil mid-cap Gen2 PMAGs and Magpuls.

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