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BOSS Beaver Re-Up

The MilSpecMonkey BOSS Beaver tail pack has popped up in my queue of gear to post. I put out a review a while back over on the tube, which you can view here if you’ve not seen it:

Deployments, everyday work bag, bb wars etc – I use this thing absolutely any time I can get away with multicam/what people believe to be MTP. It’s just the right size of medium (which is on the upper side of medium) and it somehow always manages to fit what you want to carry without being too massive. Then if you do get a huge delivery in the mail or want to stash a sleep system, the beaver tail can always accommodate that. The only downside for me is it can’t quite accommodate the pirate ship anchor of a 17″ laptop I drag around the world with me, but that’s because I’m often staying somewhere for months at a time and having something that’s as close to my desktop as possible is a real morale booster; not an issue for most normal folks going on trips for a couple of weeks at a time.

If anything, I’d like to see a grey or black variant with no PALS. I’ve thought many times about buying another one in a solid normal-person colour and cutting all the webbing off, but the way the ends are sewn in on the front would mean I’d never quite get it as neat as OCD me would like.

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