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I’ve had a few requests for a full listing of all the gear I’ve personally got for sale, so after literally years of procrastination I’ve spent most of the weekend taking pictures of basically everything I’ve got that I’d like to move on and uploaded them all. I’ve had the link in the pinned post for a while but who ever reads pinned posts? Check it:

I’ve eaten more than a few cakes and occasionally lifted a weight over the past couple of years,┬áso if you wear a Small in shirts oh boy do I have some deals for you in particular. There’s all sorts of accessories, pouches and plenty of clothing as you’d expect. As you’ll also note the variety is about as wide as you’re ever likely to find, which is just a result of trying to cover as many brands and items from around the world on the website, here and on the channel. Also the fact I’ve been putting off uploading these images for many years now means there’s a huge spectrum of brands and price levels. I’ve got some ‘big ticket’ items (more of which will be added in the next few months so be sure to bookmark if you like Crye) ranging all the way down to the middling and economical budget.

As I’ve mentioned before, my storage space is really beyond its’ limits and I need to open it up to get more gear in to feature, use and review. It’s all getting posted on forums, groups and ebay over time but I thought you lot should at least get first chance if you fancied it. Given how much room I need to create here I’m not at all adverse to letting things go pretty cheaply, so just get in touch any way you’d like and we’ll sort out some deals. If you know anyone else after some pretty decent kit then share or let them know too. The quicker I make room the quicker I can bring in new product and I’m confident you’ll all really enjoy the line up of posts that are incoming over the next few months and years. If you’ve seen the big mail call posts that have gone up in the last ~12 months you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I’ll not post about this again for the next couple of months at least because I don’t want to bombard your feeds with sales, but I hope you don’t mind the very occasional entry here in order to help me out bringing in the content you hopefully will enjoy.

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