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Little consumer tip for anyone buying in the US. I won’t tag them over on facebook in case they change their system somehow, but check out
They carry some rather low-end stuff I wouldn’t tend to recommend like Condor and I’m not a fan of Propper clothing either; but they’ve also got lots of stuff like Vertx and LOWA, Tru-Spec, 5.11 and a few others that I do tend to like. Good mid-range apparel that often uses the same fabrics as the top end brands but with a more spartan feature list to keep the prices far lower (almost always far-east made vs US made of course). You have to obviously do some sifting and make sure you make good choices as well, because 5.11 and Tru-Spec in particular offer items that range in price and the lower end of the lines isn’t nearly as nice but the upper end will only cost about $15-20 more.  Particularly when stepping up from Poly/Cotton to Nylon/Cotton, this is well worth the investment.  PYCO works ok no doubt, but your colour/pattern will stay longer and the fabric is just more comfortable (thinner and more flexible) while also more abrasion resistant with NYCO.
First off, as with any American store, you need to wait for the sales. They come around often because there’s some ‘holiday’ weekend in the states every 5 minutes and the stores love putting on sales. Second, find what you want, add it to your cart, make an account, then just leave the stuff there for 4-5 days. I’ve had codes for free shipping and 15% off come through my inbox from them simply because I put stuff in the cart then didn’t buy it right away.
Getting good kit isn’t about having a ton of money, it’s about taking the time to find the deals and making your money work hard.

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  1. larry does this too – you are probably on the email list to receive the promotional codes now since you created an account.

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