Cannot Even

So as I do, I’m on a forum trying to help folks out and give good advice on kit, even if it is mostly like banging your head against a titanium wall.. covered in spikes.

Anyway I come across a thread and a guy mentions a vest of some description made by Flyye that supposedly retails for £400. Can’t be right I think to myself. Yet Google proves me wrong:…/fy-vt-m020-mc-flyye-spartan-…


How you choose to spend your personal disposable income is entirely up to you, but you’re still being really stupid if you spend anything like that amount on knock-off gear that’s sewn inconsistently using inferior materials with inferior quality checking and assurance; that’s before even getting in to stuff like warranties and other customer service concerns. Flyye gets a fair few decent reviews and you can definitely do worse, but when you get to £100 or more you can step up to Warrior kit (or Grey Ghost as you can see below) and that’s simply going to be far better built in every way that matters.

I went straight to the plate carrier section over on Tactical-Kit just to see what was available in the UK for under £400 and unsurprisingly the competing options very much confirmed what I already suspected.…—assault-solu………

So you can have some superb options Blue Force Gear, Inc., Ferro Concepts, Grey Ghost and FirstSpear for far less money (heck even a Crye JPC when they’ve got stock). All original, intelligent designs that use the best materials the market has to offer and most importantly are stitched consistently well. I’ve got a good mate who picked up an FS STT not too long ago and absolutely bloody loves it, being able to get the full 6/12 rig with the Tubes for ~£200 is a really outstanding deal to my mind.

The thing I’ve always said is this; it’s never about spending a ton of money, it’s about spending your personal budget wisely. You can get yourself a really robust and practical chest or belt rig for well under £40-50 if you pick the right things. On the flip side, as we can see, you can also spend enormous amounts of money on a bulky, poorly made, obsolete design of armour carrier that’s going to hinder your movement and kill you via dehydration in the heat of the summer.

You don’t have to buy gucci, just buy smart.

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