CB Chest Rig Circa 2018

This has mostly been significantly updated now, but it was among my first rigs using a placard in the centre rather than being all PALS; which is the system I’ve swapped over to now for almost all my kit.

The above is comprising:
-Ferro Chesty Rig Wide
-TT Utility 1V
-TT Smoke pouch

I have since swapped out the rig base and the placard, as these ones were from the earlier days of the mass proliferation of all-things-placard and I don’t think they’re brilliant personally. Fine, but could be better. The pouches are pouches, so they’ve just moved over to the new config. I’m a lot happier with the Ammo Hub and SHAW CRK vs what you see here.

For my casual purposes, this capacity is just above what I actually need, which is of course the sweet spot. Usually I won’t actually have the dangler, but it’s super easy to slide in for med kit, more ammo, small water bottle etc.

I’m not sure when CB will have it’s turn in the limelight, but it’s overdue for sure.

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