Christmas 2018

And a very merry happy holiday-christmas-winter-seasons greetings type thing to you all. These are all the presents that I bought for myself and I have by far the biggest budget of anyone that gets me things so they’re pretty good to my mind (that’s not meant to be depressing btw that’s obviously just how being an adult works by comparison to childhood).

ft. Crye Precision, HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp, Tiger Stripe Products, Roman Kurmaz, Raine Inc, Soldier Systems Daily, Altama Boots, Noisefighters, Wilcox Industries Corp, ACTinBlack, Gearskin and Patagonia. Partly sourced from Tactical Distributors and TNVC, Inc.

If you stay tuned here for long enough then you’ll even get to see all these different bits posted about by themselves (eventually)!

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