Christmas 23 – Chinese Camo

I don’t own any snow camo so this is the most wintery/festive camo I’ve got for now.

In 2007 China revealed their Type 07 family of uniforms, which are essentially the same pattern but with various colourways produced for various different elements of the PLA. If you’ve ever seen a Chinese digital camo with large pixels in it then it was probably from the 07 family. An awful lot of this stuff got produced and issued out, to the point you can actually find some sets for sale online without looking too hard.

This set specifically is the Air Force variant, the ‘Oceanic’ variant looks very similar but has some yellowish tan in the mix.

My old buddy Roman got hold of some raw fabric and I wanted at least one combat set in my collection that was a bit silly looking, though being made up of greys, blue and black this shouldn’t be all too terrible as an urban pattern. It isn’t nearly as ridiculous as the earlier Chinese ‘cloud’ camo. Honestly I think it’ll be just about as useful or effective as MCB would be.

Further down the line I’ll be posting more picture of the individual item in this set but for today I just wanted to post something interesting/unusual for Christmas day.

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