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Good news, I secured the go-ahead from PLATATAC to do my first ever gear giveaway of this style. I’ve got a set here of the Tac Dax Special Projects Mk3 trousers in NWUII (pretty much AOR1) sized Medium/Regular (around a 33-34″ waist) that I reviewed a little while ago:

My biggest issue these days is definitely storage, so if I can give something back to you good folks, publicise the name of a brand I know makes really good quality kit and make a bit more room for more gear to come in here for posting about; well that seems like a win-win-win.

To enter 1. You need to have liked this page of course 2. Drop Platatac a like either here or on IG, which honestly I would recommend anyway because they make cool stuff; I’m not going to be checking on these because there’s not really a reasonable way to do so, so there’s an integrity test for you 3. React to this post and comment when you’ve done so. Throw in some pics of your other gear you’d rock these with as well if you like, just for the craic.

A share here on facebook or a like/comment on youtube would certainly help your case and help me out but the reality is, far as I can tell, unless you have your facebook settings fairly open Pages cannot see who has shared their posts. On the rare occasion I see shares here I’m very seldom able see who’s clicked the button and to require a share for the competition would be disingenuous (despite the fact plenty of big retailers pretend this isn’t the case).

This will run for a week (winner announced Saturday 2nd Dec) and is open to anyone, even if you’ve won stuff from me before because I’ve not given away actual gear like this previously. If you’d like to read the manufacturer’s product description or buy some yourself in a different colour here’s the link:

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