Crye Airlite Convertible as Host, Rather than Attachment

Acquired an example of the Crye Precision Airlite Convertible recently via Saber Solutions seemingly having a clear out.

My Ferro Chesty Wides have served well as my first foray in to expanders/bases for placards but I’ve been wanting to try other things. The Spiritus Thing 2 has been great and the Airlite Convertible has been on my list for years.

Ironically it’s packaged to be covered in PALS pouches then potentially attached to a PC. Some of you will have seen the Tacbelts UK converters for using Crye placards. Personally I wanted it for using with more industry standard placards attached to its’ front however. All it takes is a PALS mounted loop field and unthreading the two top 1″ male SRBs and you’re good to go with the likes of a Mk5.

Right now I’ve got the 1″ webbing for the top male buckles just tucked away, but if this works I’ll unpick the threading for that and have a loop field just stitched right on permanently. Currently undecided on a hook field for the back for potential pads/PC attachment.


  1. DarkLite

    Which velcro panel did you end up going for?

    I’ve recently gotten into the Placard Paradigm after reading through your latest blogposts and I’ve just picked up an Airframe clone.

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      It’s a custom job from yeeears ago before you could really get them commonly, but any that’s 6 columns x 5 rows will fit. Just make sure the attachment straps are soft of course.

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