Crye AW G3 Combats – Pricing History

If you missed last week’s post covering the Crye Precision G3 All Weather Combat Pants you’ll want to go back and read it for all the info on these easily-available yet rarely bought or seen bits of gear.

The previous pair in Khaki I’d been incredibly lucky to find in my size and for sale in ‘used’ condition for a serious chunk off of retail price; used in this case meaning they’d been sat around in indoors a bit. These are very rarely seen at all and the rarer something is the less often they’ll come up for sale, so having never once in my life seen RG 32Rs in a classified post I ponied up the retail cash however this was before the famous price rearrangements that happened a couple of years ago. Crye advertised that apparel prices would be going up and JPC 2.0 prices would be coming down so I grabbed a few clothing items shortly before the change to fill in any gaps in the collection I felt needed filling. I can’t remember exactly what the price hike was at the time on these G3 AW Combats but it was something roughly in the region of $75 or more so I’m glad I took the plunge when I did.

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