Crye Dump

Just under a year ago I decided in my own head that the G3 series from Crye has been around so long that a new iteration must be on the way and I figured G3 production might stop shortly after G4 was introduced. With that in mind I started setting some money aside to ‘complete the set’, or most of the set anyway. AC/Gen 2 Crye uniforms can not only be very expensive in certain colours or sizes, but can take a lot of time to track down in the right size, if you’re even able to track them down at all. The less common colours or options that weren’t as popular during the production window are especially rare to see, including most of the Field cut items and pretty much anything that’s not in Multicam; comparatively speaking.

There are some items here which aren’t common commercial production and 2 specifically which are entirely dubious in legitimacy, but I knew all about them going in and I’ll write more down the line. But either way given the recent announcement of price increases in these uniforms I was glad to have picked up the items that I personally had been after, even though it’s looking like G3 production will carry on for at least a decent amount of time overlapping with Generation 4. The bulk came from Crye Precision directly and GSS GEAR, with lots of classifieds purchases as per usual.

Also picked up some Patagonia VIKP Gen2s to use and test to see if they fail as spectacularly as the first gen pads did under minimal pressure. Next up is the new Geissele Automatics, LLC Mk14 rail which is a real beauty of machine work as expected, then the limited at UN12Mag patch because any TNVC, Inc related patch always garners lots of likes on the gram. Which as we know is the most important thing. How else will people think you’re famous, important and knowledgeable?

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