Crye G3 Combat Shirt – (R)anger Green

Originally I had the Arc’teryx LEAF assault shirt AR in RG because, on paper, it seemed the better option compared to the G3. Years ago my train of thought was that I’d get the LEAF shirts in all the colours they offered then get the Crye shirts in camos like MC Tropic, but at the time I didn’t have much experience with either design. I saw the higher price and longer/better feature list on the Arc product and made an educated guess. Though my educated guesses are usually good at this point having handled so much gear, in this case the proof of the pudding was in the eating, not in the ingredient selection alone.

I’ve covered all this previously in my full post on the Assault AR (which you can find on the website), but in use I found the Arc shirt extremely slow to dry, insanely baggy in the arms and especially around the forearms to the point it would only work on Popeye, with just an all around poor fit to be frank. While the G3 lacks the extra double stitch seam lines, the mesh under arms and (theoretically) more anatomical cut, in practice it has proven to fit far better, dry faster, be more amenable to sleeve rolling and be more comfortable all around. Hence I sold my Assault AR in RG and picked up this to replace it, a move I’m definitely happy with.

You never know they might even release the G4s in other colours one of these days.


  1. Scot

    Whenever I see a used one of these for sale on an auction site, the jersey material is usually always torn in a few places.

    How durable can this really be under hard use?

    • Comment by post author


      Not sure where you’ve been looking but I’ve seen literally thousands of second hand ones on eBay over the years and rarely do they have more than small pin holes in the torso. The Crye combat shirts have been extensively combat proven to put it mildly, the combat shirt itself is hardly a new concept at this point, every military with half decent kit issues them given how well they work compared to traditional old BDU type shirts.

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