Crye G3 Combat Trousers – NYCO Woodland Camouflage Pattern

I have featured this exact model some time ago, but I replaced that pair with a different size so here they are again for those who haven’t been visiting the site regularly for very long.  If you want to know a lot more about Crye combat cut uniforms in US Woodland don’t forget to check out this post covering 4 different variants.

I purchased my original pair of these pants in late 2018 when they really weren’t commonly available, whereas the pair depicted here was purchased around autumn of 2019.  They had started to show up with a little more frequency at that point, but still weren’t as comparatively high in availability as they have become as of the writing of this post in 2023.

To my knowledge, these G3 NYCO woodland sets were first made quite quietly under contract for some element of US SOF and a very few examples made their way out to the collector market around 2016-17 or so.  At this point the original FR Tencate custom tag G3s had already gained huge popularity and the Drifire variants were occasionally being sold commercially in just a couple of places like Tac Distgributors and Optics Planet.  I think once non-military folks cottoned on to the existence of these there then may have been some private or lesser known small batch productions sold purely to civilians.  Then by the very end of the 10s availability through popular stores such as OpTactical really started in earnest, with regular re-stocks to the point that any crazy eBay prices very much cooled off.

At the time of writing, pictures of the item new in the bag are pretty pointless and serve little use.  But my general content strategy on here is to preserve as much information as I can about the items I obtain while those items are fresh, available and preferably still being manufactured.  For example, trying to find detailed information now in 2023 about the Gen 1 uniforms is not that easy and of course everything eventually phases out of production, even though G3s have been going for some time at this point and I foresee them actually carrying on for a good few years given that the G4 VTX fabric hasn’t really been widely embraced.

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