Crye Gen 2 Combat Elbow Pads

Crye Precision G2 combat elbow pads, fitted to an AC combat shirt that’s been posted here previously. I quite like the aesthetic of the black pads with Flecktarn rather than the green.

Not a lot of people who own the AC combat shirts seem to use the pads (going off what is visible online) and that’s understandable as the design is rather odd, but I do enjoy being able to try the 3 colour options with different camos. Some of the older PLATATAC combat shirts floating around out there also have the correct elbow pockets for fitting these pads, along with any other accurate replicas of the AC shirts.

I have all 3 colours of these in the collection at the moment (and spares of each for sale if anybody’s after some real ones) along with associated tan and green knee pads. Only missing the black G2 knee pads which fires off my collector OCD pretty well, but I’ve not seen any for sale in as long as I can remember.

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