Crye Online

Crye have, for some reason, never done social media before now.  A couple of days ago they started an Instagram account and now finally they’re on Facebook.  Twitter and YouTube should be coming if not already.

On the one hand their commercial sales no doubt make up a small fraction of their overall business so they never ‘needed’ social media, but then that’s always been the case with various other companies in the world of firearms and tactical gear and they’re all very active in the usual places.  I’ve seen people on forums and pages say “oh they’re not the power house they once were with SOF wearing patagonia and drifire” but anyone who’s not parts of the supply chain and thinks they know about everything the military buys (especially SF contracts) definitely has a vastly over-inflated opinion of their own knowledge base.

Of the few interviews I’ve seen coming out of CP, they’ve been doing nothing but expand and buy up more square footage from the very start.  I can only presume they’ve either hired in somebody new to doing public relations type stuff or they had a meeting and somebody said “hey why aren’t we going this?” and now they are doing this.


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