Custom Flannel Combat Shirt

Tacti-flannel I originally commissioned from Roman a good ~2.5 years ago now. Had the idea around the time I’d first started buying from Roman and I’d watched a lot of a certain YouTube channel and I remember messaging a mate with the idea of a flannel combat shirt and denim G3 combat trousers before the ASNL flannels went mega viral. I wasn’t the first to have the idea of course. Laughed about it at the the time, then it turned out to be super popular on the internet.

To my mind this is a pure costume type of item, it simply isn’t well suited for anything but the absolute mildest of physical activity in the most forgiving of neutral temperatures with a slight breeze with no chance of rain and no mud to be seen. The torso is a thick weave like a polo shirt then of course there’s flannel on the sleeves so the entire thing is completely made of cotton. Most cotton isn’t very abrasion or tear resistant, it has the capacity to soak up a lot of water, takes a very long time to dry and goes very cold when wet unlike merino wool and quality synthetics.

The shirt is a G3 cut but with the pen sleeve and eye pro slot deleted and of course solid loop fields instead of the split columns that Crye manufactures. I specifically went for the grey flan-cam with navy torso in order to end up with a garment that would at least not stand out massively in a man-made environment.


  1. Charles Sloan

    How much for the combat flannel?

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