Daylight(weight) Robbery

Just noticed SKD Tactical have their very awesome FirstSpear OEM’d STT on sale today only. In flat colours, once you add it to the cart, you can pick one up for $159.20 before shipping.

Particularly for you guys in the US who haven’t experienced the Tubes magic yet… well I’m not seeing any better opportunity to get in on the action. You can easily spend the region of $150 on carriers from lesser manufacturers that weigh more with lower quality stitching, not to mention far older design and technology built in.

I’ve never so much as exchanged a message with anyone who works at SKD but I’ve shopped there at least a dozen or more times. I’ve recommended them before in terms of customer service and that recommendation still stands based on my last order placed a couple of months ago. They stock a lot of nylon stuff that I personally think really stands out.

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