Detail Shots – Crye G3 Combat Pants NYCO US Woodland

Some detail shots of my first pair of Crye G3 combats in NYCO US Woodland. Picked this up in mid-18 and let me tell you they were damn hard to find at the time. Luckily CP seem to have opened up to the idea of retailers ordering batches of product in non-standard patterns the past couple of years so these have gone from $500-700 a few years ago down to pretty much standard retail price when you’re fast on the re-stocks.

Even the 2nd hand market price has dropped significantly since supply is way up and this is no longer a camo that’s impossible to get on modern kit in today’s market. For more info be sure to check the website for my extensive article that covers all Crye combat uniforms in US Woodland Camo.

For more info, check out my earlier article:

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