I find it surprising that a lot of the ‘swag’ and other random stuff that gear companies make is often amongst the highest quality clothing you might find in general. You do have to be careful what you pick or you risk ending up looking like the guy with the Ferrari jacket and cap who drives a Ford. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a Ford or a VW or whatever, far from it, but you possibly shouldn’t be a walking advert for a company that you’ve got no link to.

My preferred criteria for this sort of thing are simple:

-High quality in design and materials
-Actually own a flagship product from the company in question or have some other association
-If at all possible, the design should be something original, not just the normal logo plastered in huge font

I have a couple of standard logo t-shirts for manufacturers that I’m particularly interested in, but those are reserved for filming videos, maybe attending expos or going to games (driving not public transport), rather than general wear out and about. Some I’ve bought, mostly I’ve been given them at the last couple of Shot Shows.

I presume FirstSpear buys these t-shirts raw and print them, because looking at American Apparel’s website I don’t think they’re aimed at the shooting and outdoor market. More the man bun, organically-sourced-wool male romper and gluten free douche-frappelatte kinda market. Not that I understand social dynamics in America all that well, I just get all my information from Mat Best MBest11x.

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