F9 Ammo Hub – RG, Restock and UK Supplier!

A triple whammy of F9 Gear news today which I am very happy to be announcing.  Firstly that new stock has been manufactured and is now available for shipping direct from the FirstSpear warehouse, secondly that the new batch of stock includes the much requested Ranger Green form of the Ammo Hub A1.

For American, French and Swiss customers, you can simply follow this link for all the details on the Hub and to order one for yourself:

Another advance of which I am most definitely very proud, is that well known and extremely well respected retailer Tactical-Kit here in England is going tobe the first retailer distributing F9 Gear.  A shipment of both Multicam and Ranger Green Hubs is making its’ way across to their store as I post this and will be available via their site once it hits these shores:

I’ve been a customer of TK many times myself, I know the owner well and have 100% faith and trust that his business will be a great place for anyone to go to if they wish to pick up some F9 Gear.

The UK shipping option is currently disabled on this site as it will be significantly cheaper for brits to buy from Tac Kit, also the total time for arrival will be about the same even if someone were to purchase from this site on the day I publish this.  I’d hate for anyone who misses this post to pay more than they need to and anyone who uses a combining/forwarding service within the US is still more than welcome to continue doing that.

If you’re interested in F9 Gear and want all the updates be sure to follow the Instagram:


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