First Ever Airsoft Kit – Christmas 2006

My gift to the internet today – 18 year old me in 2006 rocking the my-first-little-soldier tactical dress up.

My parents strictly forbade toy guns in the house until I was around 16, similar story with FPS games. This fact combined with encounters with my friends/friends’ older brothers’ airsoft guns and playing huge amounts of America’s Army online, meant that there was nothing in the world I wanted more than an airsoft ‘M4’. From the receiver end plate forward it’s not that far off the actual M4A1s in the game with a poorly fitted replica of the KAC NT4 (wasn’t straight, BBs hit the end cap). To fit the big, fat Nickel batteries I had the full stock, got the broomhandle VFG of course and I doubt anyone was making a Trijicon Reflex replica back then so an M2 copy instead. I’d point it at the mirror and blow my own mind with the coolness.

Kit is basically all from and they’re probably still the best retailer for airsoft players to shop with to this day. Replica MARPAT set in a cut more like BDU and I think the carrier is a copy of the FSBE 2 by a brand called BULLE, which is Chinese gear but ridiculously good value frankly and well put together. Super iconic fabric holster that’s too low, naturally, knee pads that didn’t stay in place and shiny black Magnum boots. I got the (replica) nomex gloves right though.

Not much more than 6 months after my mum took this picture of me in the garden one winter’s evening I headed off to start actual basic training.

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