FirstSpear Assaulter’s Gun Belt

The Assaulter’s Gun Belt (AGB) from FirstSpear. I’m fairly certain I’ve talked about this piece of kit before as I’ve owned at least 3 or 4 over the past half a decade or so, but I picked up another a little while back as any time I want a duty type belt without PALS compatibility this is my go to. Have I tried every single 1.5/1.75/2″ tactical type belt on the market? Absolutely not, that would take years, be incredibly boring and the end result would be that they’re all very similar if you buy from a reputable brand the supplies the world’s best military forces.

The AGB is a 1.75″ measurement with the black and coyote options made from a webbing that appears to be the same as that used on parachute harnesses and the MultiCam version being comprised of a jacquard woven type webbing, whereby the camo is put in to the fabric on the loom itself, meaning the colour is highly resistant to fading. All variants are made up of 2 layers of this webbing with a plastic stiffener inbetween and the whole thing is held together with 5 lines of burly stitching all running the length of the belt.

The closure is achieved with an AUSTRIALPIN 2″ QR Cobra buckle, which is frankly as good as it gets. As you can see from the buckle markings it has a breaking strength of 9 Kilonewtons, which is the equivalent of looping the belt around a weight of roughly 920Kgs and being able to suspend said weight. Do you need that? Not really, but it’s a good analogy for the overall quality you’re getting here.  The male portion of the buckle can be removed entirely to facilitate threading the belt through belt loops narrower than 2″.

Aside from the obvious incredibly high quality of materials the big plus for me is that the AGB is very flexible around the circumference of the waist making it very comfortable yet remains stiff in the vertical plain so it will not fold in or collapse under the load of equipment over time. There are stiffer belts out there especially when you get in to the realms of competition shooting gear, but the AGB is thinner, lighter and more flexible around the body than any of those that I have seen. It shines where it needs to without any compromises.

The thin line of loop on the insides facilitates compatibility with the FS Missing Links, which are something I’ve spent some time using and are definitely under appreciated in the gear world. Slightly less of a necessity in these days of PALS compatible 2″ belts like the Blue Alpha, Raptor Tac and FRV offerings, but still a really nifty item.

Not a cheap belt at $81 but absolutely amongst the very best quality duty belts one can purchase and offering extreme levels of ruggedness and durability. Whenever I’m somewhere that I have to carry a sidearm all the time this is the belt I use, because I know it is orders of magnitude more dependable than I would need it to be even if things went really, really far south.

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