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FirstSpear and Typhoon International at DSEI

FirstSpear and Typhoon have collaborated many times in the past to provide complete clothing and protective load bearing systems to various units for maritime and amphibious use. Their combined stand at the show featured some of the FS Maritime carriers like the Bullfrog. Lots of different features between these like hydrophobic materials, buoyancy bags that can be inflated almost instantly by compressed CO2 carts and floatation within the carriers that can be inflated by the user. On top of the usual 6/12 attachment, Tube closures and top tier quality of construction.

The offerings from Typhoon certainly caught my interest as they manufacture fully flame resistant and waterproof outer garments. I see a lot of FR base layers and Level 9 uniforms, but Level 5 and 6 water resistant/proof layers, that are also FR, are comparatively almost never seen. As you can see from the 2nd picture, Typhoon integrate carbon in to the waterproof camouflage fabrics (the visible small dots) and I’m told in a flash fire incident that carbon will bond together and create the necessary flame retardant layer of protection. I’m going to have to dig around to maybe find a video of this concept in action because it sounds very intriguing indeed.

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