FirstSpear SAPI Strandhogg Setup (mid-2017)

I’ve posted a lot of individual products in the past and not many actual plate carriers, chest rigs or belts setup and ready to go, so I’ll put these up interspersed between the singular items every now and then.

This is an older setup of a FirstSpear SAPI cut Strandhogg that I don’t own any more, but purely because I had 2 Strandhoggs in Multicam at the time. It was configured with a fixed front setup and PALS mounted hydro in a slightly more old school fashion, but with the added Tubes attachments needed for mounting of the VEP (Vertical Envelopment pack), shown mounted in the 3rd image. Pouches are as follows:

-FS M4 Double, 6/12
-FS M4 Single, 6/9
-FS Mini Admin Pocket
-BFG Smoke Grenade
-PIG Billowed Utility Pouch
-FS 2 Litre Hydro, 6/9

If you’re not familiar with the VEP I did a video some time back over on the channel. The best part is that it’s a PC mounted small pack that actually allows the wearer to access the contents very quickly and easily.

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