Flimmuur Belt Adapter Mount (DNC Limited Edition)

Quick hipster micro review of the new Angle Belt Mount Flimmuur Tactical
sent over. Personally I just run my airsoft kit with the sides of my PC pretty slick and the chances I’d need to draw my pistol in anger for work purposes let alone reload it while also wearing armour are so tiny that to me this sort of optimisation isn’t super necessary, but I’d be a bad poster of tactical things to not mention this because it’s a slick solution (be very sure to slide right through all the pictures).

At only 10g and about 3mm thick for both the adapter and included One-Wrap strips you can get any small PALS pouch set at a nice 45° angle to help clear any vest, PC or chest rig that may sit above your belt line. Given that belts also wrap around your body the stored items (presumably pistol mags) will actually face slightly out and away from you, so you do get a lot of clearance.

Men: Ensure you read the instructions *closely* and fully because this is a real slick piece of kit but you won’t get the most secure mounting in the end if you don’t route the straps correctly. Also anything you have like a spoon or the flat blade on your multi-tool does aid a fair bit in the installation. Once the adapter is in place however it’s utterly rock solid, especially if you’re rocking a micro-PALS pistol belt with velcro interface to your trouser belt – and the adapter doesn’t lessen or inhibit that interface in the slightest.

This version does take up 2 PALS columns when fully secured while only displaying a single column outer face, but don’t worry there’s also a double version available which takes up the same room, so if you want your standard pair of 9mm spare mags (or a rifle mag) on a slant that’s easily done.

As you can see from the rear face this piece is totally ambi and reversible, so it can mount any pouch either leaning forwards or back on either side of your kit. Lefty or righty makes no odds.

Not sure when they’ll be available en masse in typical duty colourways but no doubt they are on the way from British Tactical. Brit Tac and Flimmuur have been producing excellent military kit for a few years now and much as it pains me to say it I don’t know of any other company in the UK making serious quantities of original, duty-grade cordura load bearing gear, I’d say they’re the only team who give the big name US manufacturers a run for their money. So I’m certainly happy to recommend them and I enjoy seeing what they put out, especially given how much Virtus specific kit they make that has seen real use.

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