Future Fashion

Just a G3 field shirt in NWUI from Roman, no alterations to the original Crye cut.

Since a few of G3 field trousers (of somewhat dubious origin) were manufactured and I picked up a set I obviously needed a shirt to match. The fabric is proper US Navy NYCO twill and all the G3 features are present. In fact if you want a shirt from Roman and want full camo and/or something to wear with a chest rig/belt then the field cut may be worth considering over combat. I’d just say be aware that Crye’s sizing on the G3 and 4 field shirts is very generous and obviously Roman copies Crye sizes closely; personally a medium combat shirt is on the loose side on me but wearable whereas a medium field is rather excessively baggy for me.

I used some real labels to setup a little prank a long while back and it worked pretty well it must be said.

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