Gen 2/AC Elbow Pads

The instructions included with Crye’s Gen 1 and 2 combat type elbow pads. As you’ll note the images actually depict the 1st gen pads, which were made from quite different materials and will be featured here at a later date.
I always liked the fact the person who wrote this just assumed the reader will have fitted some sort of tyre to something in their life time. It’s certainly not an entirely unreasonable assumption but it’s going to be one of those things not everyone in the modern age will have done as a child. Personally my dad was massively in to windsurfing, sailing, mountain biking (in a casual sense) and he’s of the generation who did all their work around the house. Fixing radiators, building shelving etc etc. I was fortunate to learn the most basic foundations of using hand tools and keeping a bicycle maintained as I grew up, but then I didn’t really begin to put any of it in to practice until I joined up and moved out.
Not that you need to know how to change a bike tyre to put the combat type pads in to Crye uniforms. It should be entirely self explanatory to anyone who’s see the product pictures on the website. Then again I have seen people get it wrong and of course the method of fully inserting the entirety of plastic cap in to the pad pocket can’t be ignored (at least as far as the pants are concerned). There’s a good image I took and posted at last year’s SHOT, showing a set of G3 combats which have combat airflex pads fully inserted and the fabric cover for the knee pad pocket is stuck in place over the pad, but the cover fabric is worn so thin from usage it has become transparent in that example.

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