Glock 19X Reveal

Just seen the new GLOCK‚Äč 19X.

It’s a 19 length slide/barrel, with 17 size frame/mag. Which frankly I find odd because the US concealed carry market want thin, short mags for best concealment whereas barrel length is a secondary priority (to everyone I know over there at least). So this gun is the opposite in that regard.

Looks like a Gen 5.X gun too. At a cursory initial glance without knowing all the details I can see the cut at the front of the mag housing has done a 180 and turned in to a slight extension and the previously squared off front of the frame now has angles in keeping with the Gen 5 slide. Seems they’ve already looked at some of the primary criticisms of the Gen 5 design.

I’ll be interested to see what some of the American folks who have a lot of pistol experience end up saying once these begin to circulate on the market and YouTube gun channels (looking at you Military Arms Channel‚Äč).

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