I think there may have been a slight mix up with the Gen 4 G17s on the stand, because unless something’s changed and nobody’s told my armoury, we don’t get the extended slide release levers on our service pistols. However for those who may not be aware, yes the G19 is a service pistol in the MoD, not as widely used of course as the full size gun but there are quite a few in inventory.

No Gen 5 guns sadly, but the M variants are what I’d call a Gen 4.8 (more than a 4.5). The most interesting aspect for me was the magazines. I’m not sure if they’re actually standard for the M models or special for the show (other guns didn’t have them) but the cuts make insertion require more force and pressing the mag release causes the magazine to fly out of the pistol at a pretty rapid rate. Be very interested to try the design out live firing, seem like a nice option, especially for speed/emergency reloads.

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